NEWS ARCHIVES Archives 2007-2013 Result of the 38th Liszt Ferenc International Grand Prix du Disque 2013 The Grand Prix du Disque has been awarded to Weiner-Szász Chamber Symphony, Imre Rohmann /piano, Zoltán Fejérvári /piano, Atala Schöck /mezzo soprano: Liszt Bicentenary Album* 2011 in edition of Hungaroton. A certificate of honours has been awarded to Szokolay Balázs private edition 'Voices of the Piano' - "Balázs Szokolay plays music arranged and composed by Liszt" More info >>> ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DVD about the 5th Esztergom Liszt Week 2012 has been released, which is available for HUF 2.500 at the central office of the Liszt Society. >>> ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 4th Esztergom Liszt Week - Detailed program >>> ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 3rd Esztergom Liszt Week - Detailed program >>> ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Announcement   of   the   Hungarian   Liszt   Society’s   35th   annual   Franz   Liszt   International   Grand   Prix   du   Disque   competition,   2010   - The   Grand   Prix   du   Disque   has   been   awarded   to:   Alexander   Djordjevic   ’Gray   Clouds’-Piano   Music   of   Franz   Liszt,   a   private   edition   disc. Details >>> ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "LISZT 2000" Selected   Lectures   given   at   the   International   Liszt   Conference   in   Budapest   May   18-20,   1999.   Book   available   for   €   50   (plus   postal   costs).   For more information contact the secretary-general Details >>> ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ CALL FOR PAPERS International   Interdisciplinary   Conference   " LISZT AND   THE ARTS "   11-14   November   2011   organized   in   Budapest,   Hungary   in   honour   of   the Liszt   Bicentennary   by   the   Hungarian   Academy   of   Sciences,   Institute   of   Musicology   and   the   Liszt   Ferenc   Academy   of   Music,   Liszt   Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre Details >>> ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Board meeting The general assembly of the Liszt Ferenc Society was held on May 19th 2009 at the Old Music Academy; Chairman István Lantos chaired the assembly. All the five sections gave an account of their activities in 2008, and also a report on the finances of the Liszt Society in 2008 was submitted. The participants received the public utility report, the 2008 balance sheet and the plans for 2009 in writing. After the accounts, the Assembly adopted the public utility report (available on the homepage and the plan for 2009, elected the members of the Supervisory Board and decided on the new membership fees valid from January 1st 2009: 2000 Ft/year for active members and 1000Ft/year for students and pensioners. The Chairman of the Hungarian Music Council, Máté Victor, was present at the meeting as a guest. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Csaba Király's Recital We   held   the   last   concert   of   the   Budapest   section   in   the   2008/9   season   on   April   29th   2009:   Csaba   Király ’s   piano   recital.   His   performance received a warm welcome as he played works by Liszt and Schubert-Liszt with poetry and empathy. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Piano Recital - France Clidat as our guest artist French   pianist   France   Clidat   gave   a   recital   at   the   Old   Music   Academy   on   April   25th   2009.   The   first   international   success   of   France   Clidat was   the   prize   she   won   at   the   Budapest   International   Liszt   Contest   in   1956.   Unfortunately,   the   artist   -   who   holds   the   French   National   Order   of the   Legion   of   Honour,   the   National   Order   of   Merit,   the   Vermei   medal   of   Paris,   and   a   knight   of   arts   and   sciences   -   has   not   given   a   concert   in Budapest   since   then,   although   she   took   part   in   the   jury   of   the   Liszt   Piano   Contest.   The   pianist   known   and   appreciated   worldwide   played works   by   Debussy,   Chabrier,   Albeniz,   M.Sogny   and   –   last   but   not   least   –   Liszt   at   her   recital.   Several   encores   proved   the   success   of   the concert:    we    witnessed    a    recital    performed    with    energy    and    temperament    worth    of    admiration.   The    producer    of    the    concert   Abisso International,   the   Liszt   Ferenc   Society   and   the   Liszt   Ferenc   Memorial   Museum   gave   a   joint   reception   in   honour   of   the   pianist.   We   have received   a   late,   but   all   the   more   valuable   remembrance:   France   Clidat   has   dedicated   us   the   first   album   of   the   Liszt   recording   series   that received Prix du Disque in 1976 (pictures). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ International Workshop on planning the programme for the Liszt Bicentenary in 2011 The   Bálint   Balassi   Institute   of   the   Ministry   for   Education   and   Culture,   and   the   Ministerial   Programme   Office   of   the   "Ungarischer   Akzent"   (a large-scale   series   of   Hungarian   cultural   events   in   Germany   in   2006   and   2007),   together   with   the   Hungarian   Liszt   Society,   the   Liszt   Ferenc Academy   of   Music   and   its   Liszt   Ferenc   Memorial   Museum   and   Research   Centre,   the   Hungarian   Academy   of   Sciences   and   its   Institute   for Musicology   have   begun   an   exceptional   undertaking:   as   an   extremely   important   stage   of   the   conceptual   work   begun   two   years   ago,   an international workshop will take place between 30 November and 3 December. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Summer excursion Between   July   27   and   29   2007   the   Liszt   Society   organized   a   trip   for   its   members   to   Sopron   and   to   its   surroundings   where   Liszt   used   to   stay. There were 65 members to join the trip enjoying the 3 day-programme. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 33rd International Record Grand Prix Based on the decision of the jury, the 33rd Grand Prix 2007 has been awarded to the CD Harmonis Mundi   - Ambronay, France:    Franz Liszt & Richard Wagner - Sonatas & Metamorphoses as well as to Thomas Hitzlberger , pianist ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Session of the Presidium The   actual   programmes   of   the   Liszt   Society   for   the   year   2007   was   debated   on   the   session   of   the   presidium   of   the   Society   on   May   11th. Members discussed about the upcoming plans as well between 2007 and 2010. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ “Liszt Newsletter” has been released "Hungarian   View   of   Liszt",   the   first   (Hungarian-English)   Newsletter   of   the   Liszt   Society   has   been   launched.   From   the   content:   Greeting, News,   2007   Spring   program   of   the   Hungarian   Liszt   Society,   International   Piano   Competition   in   memory   of   Liszt   Ferenc,   Liszt   Festival Sopron,   Grand   Prix,   Last   year   events, Around   Franz   Liszt’s   memorial   places   in   Hungary   Part   1   -   Sopron,   Ágnes   Watzatka: The   Predessor   of the   Hungarian   Liszt   Society,   Liszt’s   complete   piano   works   at   the   Old   Music   Academy,   News   of   the   Liszt   Ferenc   Memorial   Museum, Supporters. "It   is   a   great   pleasure   both   for   me   and   for   the   members   of   the   Hungarian   Liszt   Society   and   for   those   who   are   interested   in   Liszt’s   music   to provide   a   lot   of   information   about   the   life   and   activities   of   the   whole   Liszt   Society   (Budapest   and   its   branches),   about   Hungarian   and international   Liszt-related   events,   the   Liszt   memorial   places   in   Hungary   and   the   activities   of   enthusiastic   cultivators   of   Liszt’s   art.   Our newsletter also includes articles and reviews related to Liszt." /Csaba Király, secretary-general/ The newsletter is available at the office of the Society. Prize: HUF 300, for members: HUF 150. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Award We   are   glad   to   inform   readers   that   the   former   Secretary   General   of   our   Liszt   Society,   Klára   Hamburger,   musicologist,   Doctor   of   Sciences has been recently awarded a Szabolcsi Bence prize. Congratulations! ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Summer trip July   27-29,   2007   the   Society   will   organize   a   trip   to   Sopron   on   the   occasion   of   the   Sopron   Liszt   Festival.   The   planned   itinerary   will   be:   27th Budapest-Sopron   –   28th:   Nagycenk   –   Horpács   (possibly   Koszeg)   –   29th:   Kismarton   –   Doborján   –   Budapest.   The   program   will   include   the visiting   of   the   Liszt   memorial   places   and   two   concerts,   Alpár   Nagy   offered   to   make   guided   tours   in   Sopron   and   in   the   other   locations   too. The   Liszt   Society   offers   to   take   over   the   organizing.   The   expectable   costs   of   a   participant   (bus,   hotel,   meals)   would   range   about   HUF 15.000 (per person). Participants are kindly asked to apply until April 11th, 2007. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Resignation Dr.   László   Eősze,   a   founding   member   and   Co-President   of   the   Hungarian   Liszt   Society   announced   us   in   January,   that   he   would   like   to   give up   his   duties.   We   thank   him   for   the   thirty   years   of   fruitful   work   in   the   leadership   of   the   Liszt   Society   and   according   to   the   statutes   of   our Society we invite him to be a honorary member of the Presidium. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Archives 2005-2006 Session of the Presidium The   programmes   of   the   Liszt   Ferenc   Society   for   the   year   2006   were   debated   on   the   session   of   the   presidium   of   the   Liszt   Ferenc   Society   on October 22nd, 2006. Members discussed about the upcoming plans for 2007-2010. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ International Record Grand Prix 2006 In   the   year   2006,   ten   CD-s   issued   by   5   producers   applied   for   the   Grand   Prix.   On   June   8th,   2006   the   jury   presided   by   József   Soproni   brought the   following   decisions:   The   Grand   Prix   will   be   awarded   to   the   CD   of   Stockfish,   Germany   –   „Franz   Liszt   Sinistre.   Late   Piano   Works”   performed   by   Péter   Tóth .   A   diploma   will   be   awarded   to   the   5   CD-series   of   Membran   Music,   Hamburg   –   Franz   Liszt   Organ   Works, performed on contemporary instruments and thoroughly documented with extensive and valuable informations by Martin Haselböck. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Session of the Presidium The   programmes   of   the   Liszt   Ferenc   Society   for   the   year   2006   were   debated   on   the   session   of   the   presidium   of   the   Liszt   Ferenc   Society   on January 4th, 2006. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Formation of the Szeged Group We   are   happy   to   inform   our   readers,   that   on   September   28th,   2005   the   Szeged   Group   of   the   Liszt   Society   was   formed. The   President   of   the group is Dr. Ferenc Kerek. The group celebrated their formation with a concert following the founding session. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Trip to Bedegkér On   October   15th,   2005   the   Liszt   Ferenc   Society   organized   a   trip   to   Bedegkér   to   commemorate   the   150   years   anniversary   of   the   death   of Barbara   Liszt,   the   aunt   of   Liszt.   The   festivity   was   organized   by   the   Association   for   the   Embellishment   of   Bedegkér   under   the   leadership   of their   president,   Mrs. Andok   László.   The   Liszt   Ferenc   Society   was   represented   by   Csaba   Király   secretary   general   and   two   members.   In   the palaestra   a   short   program   was   performed   by   the   brass   band   of   the   Tab   Institute   for   Art   Tutoring.   In   the   Catholic   church   a   mass   was celebrated,   after   which   parson   Valentin   Serbán   blessed   the   tomb   of   Barbara   Liszt.   Maior   Jeno   Steinbacher   gave   a   short   commemorative speach   after   which   the   wreathes   of   the   Liszt   Ferenc   Society,   the   County   Assembly,   the   Local   Government,   the   Association   for   the Embellishment of Bedegkér and of the Red Cross of Bedegkér and Bábonymegyer were layed on the grave. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Ferenc Liszt International Record Grand Prix In   2005   the   Grand   Prix   was   won   by   József   Balog’s   CD,   „Hungaricum” . The   CD,   on   which   József   Balog    plays   piano   pieces,   was   issued   by Convention   Budapest   Classic.   From   the   three   CD-s   sent   by   Harmonia   Mundi   to   the   jury,   two   CD-s   containing   Liszt’s   orchestral   works   and the   late   compositions   respectively,   were   awarded   a   diploma.   The   giving   out   of   the   awards   took   place   on   October   22th   before   the   gala concert. The Bartók Radio gave a live broadcasting of the events.
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