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Welcome to the website of the Liszt Ferenc Society! Our   website   aims   to   inform   you   about   the   Liszt   Ferenc   Society,   on   which   you   may   find   its   latest   news,   history,   photo   album,   events   of   the Society   in   Hungary   (Budapest,   Pécs,   Sopron,   Szeged,   Szekszárd,   Kaba   (East   Hungary),   newsletters,   supporters,   list   of   several   Liszt Societies in the world (in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, United States) and other Liszt sites. News: Winners of the 39th Liszt Ferenc International Grand Prix du Disque 2016 announced >>> _________________________________________________________________________________ Program of the 7th Esztergom Liszt Week >>> _________________________________________________________________________________ Encounters with Ferenc Liszt – A Concert Series  >>> The Liszt Ferenc Society and the Music Academy is to launch a joint series of concerts at the Liszt Ferenc Chamber Room of the Old Music Academy _________________________________________________________________________________ Our Sponsors: _________________________________________________________________________________ About the Liszt Ferenc Society The   Liszt   Ferenc   Society   bears   the   name   of   the   famous   Hungarian   pianist   and   composer,   Ferenc   (Franz)   Liszt. There   were   attempts   to   form a   society   bearing   his   name   already   in   his   lifetime.   The   Hungarian   Liszt   Society   was   founded   in   1893   and   functioned   with   several interruptions   until   the   end   of   World   War   II.   The   Society   did   not   line   up   to   any   political   program,   therefore   it   could   not   function   in   the   years   of severe   communist   oppression.   Its   second   foundation   was   in   1973.   Since   the   political   changes   of   1990   it   is   a   free   civil   association   promoting the culture in Hungary. The activity of the Society is directed by a presidium. President: Csaba Király, pianist and organist, associate professor of the Faculty of Music and Visual Art, University of Pécs Honorary Life President: István Lantos, pianist and organist, professor of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music Co-presidents: Mária Eckhardt, chief adviser and academic director of the Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre József Bánky, retired piano professor of the Faculty of Music and Visual Art, University of Pécs Secretary General: Judit Rozsnyay Additional members of the presidium: Mária G. Kóbor (National Library of Foreign Languages), head of the Budapest Section Ferenc Kerek, DLA pianist, head of the Faculty of Music of the Szeged University, head of the Szeged Section Mónika Fetzer Pintérné, head of the Szekszárd Section Bencsik Erzsébet, retired piano teacher, head of the Sopron Section Ildikó Pogány, piano teacher of the Liszt Ferenc Music School Pécs, head of the Pécs Section Béla Felvégi, music teacher, head of East Hungary Section (Kaba) The   Liszt   Ferenc   Society   is   a   member   of   the   Hungarian   Music   Council.   The   Society   has   a   centre   in   Budapest   and   groups   in   the   towns Pécs, Sopron, Szeged , Szekszárd and Kaba (East Hungary) . The total number of members  is 623. The aims of the Society  are to spread the cult of Liszt’s music and personality and propagate his noble ideas. Our programs are Monthly   club-days   organized   by   each   group   of   the   Society.   These   consist   mostly   of   lectures   about   Liszts   music   (with   musical illustrations) and of concerts. Every year the Society commemorates Liszt’s birthday with a gala concert held in the large concert hall of the Music Academy. Every   year   the   Society   awards   the   Ferenc   Liszt   International   Record   Grand   Prix,   for   which   CD-s   issued   in   the   previous   year   may apply. The Newsletter “Hungarian View of Liszt” is published in Hungarian and in English, released quaterly. The Society issues twice a year a circular letter to inform its members. International   relations:   The   Hungarian   Liszt   Society   has   contacts   with   many   Liszt   Societies   in   the   world   (there   are   Liszt   Societies   in   many countries of Europe, in Australia, North- and South-America and Japan). Membership The Liszt Ferenc Society has at present 623 members in Hungary. In Budapest there are 267 members. The number of members in the groups are: Pécs 160, Sopron 74, Szeged 83, Szekszárd 59. The participation of the members of the Liszt Ferenc Society at the club-days is free, for the other programs they enjoy a discount. For those who would like to join the Liszt Ferenc Society the following links are available for downloading: The Statutes of the Liszt Ferenc Society (in Hungarian) >> Membership Registration Form >> The   subscription   is   really   small   (a   great   number   of   the   members   are   retired),   the   finances   of   the   Society   are   balanced   by   the   greater donations   of   the   supporting   members.   The   Society   has   several   sponsors   and   submits   tenders.   Several   members   work   for   the   Society   as volunteers. ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE (2016, Budapest) Euro 25 (twenty-five Euros) Fee of the supporting members: at least threefold of the minimum membership fee Way of payment: Cash, bank transfer (Address, bank account number found below) Permanent sponsors and supporters:   The   Liszt   Ferenc   Society   is   grateful   to   all   those   who   have   supported   and   who   have   been   still   supporting   the   activity   of   the   Society: National   Cultural   Fund   (NKA);   Ministry   of   National   Resources;   National   Civil   Fund;   Cultural   Committee   of   the Terézváros   Local   Government; Municipality   of   Budapest;   Municipality   of   Sopron;   Foundation   for   Art   and   Community   Culture   (FACC);   International   Visegrad   Fund   (IVF); members; supporting members; private persons, who supported the Society with 1% of their income-tax. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our address (central office): LISZT FERENC SOCIETY Tax number: 19359876-1-42 1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty u. 35. 2nd floor; Phone/Fax: (36-1) 342 1573 E-mail: Website: Bank account: OTP 11706016-20441966
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