ARCHIVES - International "Ferenc Liszt" Record Grand Prix 40th Liszt Ferenc International Grand Prix Du Disque, 2018 The chairman of the jury, József Bánky and the members of the jury: Márta Nagy, István Párkai, dr. Ferenc Kerek, László Gombos, Ferenc János Szabó have held a conference today about the received 14 discs and the prizes to be awarded. The following discs have been submitted for the Grand Prix of 2016-17: Publisher Year Performer Composition Note NAXOS 2016 Sergio Monteiro Transcriptions of symphonic poems Complete Piano Music Vol.43. NAXOS 2017 Joel  Hastings Transcriptions of vocal compositions Complete Piano Music Vol.44. NAXOS 2017 Wenbin Jin 12 Grandes études Complete Piano Music Vol.45. NAXOS 2017 Feng Bian Berlioz transcriptions Complete Piano Music Vol. 46. NAXOS 2017 Henry Kramer Transcription of Christus and of the Legend of St. Elizabeth Complete Piano Music Vol.47. Capriccio 2017 Wojciech Waleczek Paganini études LINN Records 2017 Chiyan Wong Opera transcriptions Private edition 2017 Michele Campanella Sonata, 2 legends, Ballad in h minor Received Grand Prix in 1977 Hungaroton 2016 István Lajkó Faust symphony (Liszt-Tausig) Tritonus 2016 Emese Tőkés Funerailles, Vallée d’Obermann, Sposalizio, Sonata Private/ Madrigal Choir Society of Szekszárd 2016 Schola Cantorum Sopianensis, Szekszárd Madrigal Choir, Tamás Lozsányi, Valér Jobbágy Requiem, Szekszárd Mass Steinway&Sons 2017 Gábor Farkas Opera paraphrases 2016 Palestrina Choir of the Pécs Cathedral, Valér Jobbágy Missa Choralis (In memoriam Dr. Miklós Hergenrőder Sonelle Classics 2015 Angelo Villani Dante's Inferno                                                                                          The jury has taken the following decision about the submitted discs: The jury has awarded the Grand Prix to 1)  the CD published by LINN Records in 2017: Liszt Opera Transcriptions performed by Chiyan WongMotivation: An excellent CD by Chiyan Wong, performing four large-scale and extremely difficult opera fantasies, with a virtuoso technique on the piano that nearly appears to be a juggle in some points, but at the same time it is very engaging in its musical manifestations as well. The LINN publishing house has released a disc of special sound quality. 2) the VD published by Hungaroton in  2016: Faust symphony – Tausig transcription performed by István LajkóMotivation: The Tausig transcription of the Faust Symphony recorded for the first time ever to disc by István Lajkó is a huge undertaking. In addition to the impeccable technique and the rich sound that gives the impression of an orchestra playing, the thoughtfulness of the sublime music and the deep and conceptual performance are worth of praise. The accompanying leaflet gives all the important information about the transcription, the transcriber and the performer in both English and Hungarian. The jury has awarded a certificate of merit to 1) the CD published by NAXOS in 2017: 12 Grandes études performed by Wenbin Jin Motivation: The only recording among the discs submitted by Naxos publishing house for the present competition, featuring Liszt’s 12 great etudes, the most difficult among the three versions of the etudes, performed by Wenbin Jin, who has received a certificate of merit for undertaking and resolving this very difficult series. 1) the CD published by Steynway & Sons in 2017: Opera paraphrases performed by Gábor Farkas Motivation: Perfect and colourful piano music on the CD performed by Gábor Farkas, where the excellent musician plays the well-tried pieces of his repertoire. In addition to the virtuoso performance of the Faust-waltz, the Aida paraphrase, Isolde’s Liebestod and the solo version of Danse Macabre, we can also enjoy the poetic recollection of several minor song transcriptions. 1) the private edition disc from the Madrigal Choir Society of Szekszárd: Requiem and Szekszárd Mass, performed by the Szekszárd Madrigal Choir conducted by Valér Jobbágy Motivation: Valér Jobbágy conducts the transcription of Liszt's Reqiuem and Szekszárd Mass to mixed choir. The author of this praiseworthy publication is the Madrigal Choir Society of Szekszárd, and the programme leaflet accompanying the recording so rich and beautiful in choral sounding provides accurate information about the circumstances of the transcription of these Liszt works into mixed choir. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 39th Liszt Ferenc International Grand Prix du Disque, 2016 In   2016   the   Liszt   Ferenc   Society   organised   the   International   Grand   Prix   du   Disque   again,   after   a   two   years   break.   In   2014   and 2015   only   2   CDs   were   submitted   per   year,   and   it   seemed   unreasonable   to   arrange   a   competition   or   judgement   process   based on   such   a   limited   amount   of   musical   material.   In   order   to   solve   the   situation,   our   Society   introduced   new   regulations   in   2015. The main   element   of   the   new   rules   is   that   if   there   are   less   than   5   musical   productions   submitted   in   a   certain   year,   the   recordings   from subsequent years will be judged in one. The Statutes of the competition are available on our website Accordingly,   this   year   the   jury   evaluated   the   recordings   submitted   to   the   Society   in   the   years   2013-2015.   The   deadline   was April 30th 2016, and 15 CDs were submitted. Minutes recorded on June 28th 2016 of the jury’s decision regarding the 39th Liszt Ferenc International Grand Prix du Disque. Persons present: Sándor Kovács, chairman of the jury, József Bánky, Mária Eckhardt, Zoltán Farkas, László Gombos, Ferenc Kerek and János Ferenc Szabó. The jury has evaluated 15 discs altogether for the 39th Grand Prix du Disque, which had been submitted in the last 3 years. Publisher: Gramola, Wien Year: 2015 Performer: Boris Bloch Program: Années de pèlerinage I-II-III.; Paraphrases; Poetic and Religious Harmonies [ 6 CDs live recordings ] Category: piano Publisher: CPO, Germany Year: 2015 Performer: Genova & Dimitrov Program: Liszt: works for 2 pianos Mendelssohn Lieder ohne Worte; Norma; Don Juan; Concerto Pathétique in e minor; I Puritani Category: two piano Publisher: CPO, Germany Year: 2013 Performer: D. Radio Philharmonie,  vez. M. Haselböck, Ch.Schmitt - organ Program: Transcriptions of Liszt works - M. Dupré, R. Bischof, Leó Weiner Category: orchestra Publisher: CPO, Germany Year: 2013 Performer: Orch. Wiener Akademie, cond. Martin Haselböck Program: Hungarian Rhapsodies I-VI. Category: orchestra Publisher: Naxos Year: 2014 Performer: Voytek Proniewicz, Wojciech Waleczek Program: Liszt: Music for Violin and Piano Category: chamber music Publisher: LMI / England Year: 2014 Performer: Maria Razumovskaya Program: Sonata in B minor; Petrarca Sonnets; Weinen, klagen…. Category: piano                                                                                          Publisher: Private edition Year: 2015 Performer: Balázs Szokolay Program: Widmung – Liszt, Schumann Category: piano Publisher: Hungarian Academy of Arts Year: 2015 Performer: Program: The Legend of St. Elizabeth on the 150th anniversary of the world premiere in 1865 in the Redout in Pest [ DVD ] Category: orchestra                                                                                          Publisher: Hungaroton Year: 2015 Performer: József Balog Program: Transcendental Etudes Category: piano Publisher: Naxos Year: 2015 Performer: Goran Filipec Program: Paganini Etudes; Carnival in Venice Category: piano                                                                                          Jury members are: Sándor   Kovács,   music   historian,   chairman   of   the   jury;   József   Bánky,   pianist,   retired   Professor   of   the   Faculty   of   Musical   Arts   at the   University   of   Sciences   in   Pécs;   dr.   Ferenc   Kerek,   pianist,   Professor   of   the   Faculty   of   Musical   Arts   at   the   University   of Sciences   in   Szeged;   Mária   Eckhardt,   music   historian;   László   Gombos,   music   historian;   Ferenc   János   Szabó,   pianist   and   Zoltán Farkas, music historian. Jury has taken the following decisions: The Grand Prix has been awarded to:   Goran Filipec for his performance of Paganini Studies, Le Carnaval de Venice and Balázs Szokolay for his performance of Sonata in B minor Motivation: Goran   Filipec    “faithfully   follows   each   of   Liszt’s   instructions   on   tempo,   dynamics   and   characters,   with   a   sensitive   framing   as   well – the composer would have been satisfied exactly with such a performance” The   flawless   and   convincing   power   of   Balázs   Szokolay’s    live   concert   recording   of   Liszt’s   Sonata   in   h   minor   well   deserves   our full appreciation. The solutions in his performance for shaping, musical and technical issues are all exemplary. A certificate of recognition has been awarded to: József Balog for his performance of Transcendental Études Motivation: “A   pianist   of   outstanding   abilities:   solving   the   most   difficult   technical   elements   perfectly,   but   always   giving   the   experience   of   a   live concert as well.” The   publishers   and   performers   of   each   submitted   CDs   will   be   notified   about   the   decision   in   writing   by   June   15th,   and   the awardees   –   including   the   publishers   as   well   –   will   be   invited   to   participate   at   the   award   giving   ceremony,   to   be   held   on   October 20th 2016. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 38th Liszt Ferenc International Grand Prix du Disque 2013 The   chairman   of   the   jury,   Ádám   Medveczky   and   members   Márta   Papp,   Jenő   Jandó And   István   Gulyás   have   held   a   conference today about the 6 submitted discs and about the prizes to be awarded and have taken the following decisions: The Grand Prix du Disque has been awarded to: Weiner-Szász Chamber Symphony, Imre Rohmann/Piano, Zoltán Fejérvári/piano, Atala  Schöck / mezzo soprano: Liszt Bicentenary Album* 2011 in edition of Hungaroton A certificate of honours has been awarded to: Szokolay Balázs private edition 'Voices of the Piano' ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The 37th International F. Liszt Record Grand Prix 24 CDs, issued in 2011, were submitted to the Hungarian Liszt Society, from 18 recording companies and editors. The 9 jury members, headed by prof. Sándor Kovács has awarded 3 Grand Prix and 3 Diploma of Honour as follows: The Grand Prix du Disque has been awarded to: 1. Richard and John Contiguglia Duo Pianists Liszt - Operatic Fantasies for Two Pianos Publisher: Gemini Classics 2. The Sound of Weimar: 2-3-4. Vol. Orchester Wiener Akademie, vez, Martin Haselböck Publisher: NCA-Membran Group Hamburg 3. Krystian Zimerman The Liszt Recordings Publisher: Deutsche Grammophon Diploma of Honour: Boris Bloch - Ars Produktion Piano Works - Liszt Thomas Albertus Irnberger, Edoardo Torbianelli - Gramola Franz Liszt and the Violin Szokolay Balázs, Halmai Katalin, Kelemen Barnabás, Perényi Miklós - Liszt Ferenc Zeneművészeti Egyetem "Genie oblige!' - Tristia - Liszt's Late Testimony Presentation of the award took place on October 22nd int he Old Academy of Music, Budapest, preceding a festive concert, on the occasion of the 201st anniversary of the birth of Franz Liszt. The Competition has been sponsored by: Emberi Erőforrások Minisztériuma ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The 36th International "Ferenc Liszt" Record Grand Prix 2011 The   chairman   -   Mihály   Szegedy   Maszák   -   and   the   members   of   the   jury:   Márta   Papp,   Ferenc   Kerek,   Attila   Némethy   and   Lóránt Péteri have held a conference today about the 10 recordings received: 1. Sergey Belyavskiy - Liszt piano works - private edition 2. Guillaume Coppola - Franz Liszt: Un portrait, piano, Calliope Records 3. Endre Hegedűs - Liszt, Stúdió Liszt Productions 4. Balázs Szokolay - Liszt recital, private edition 5. Teresa Walters - Liszt Celebration, Archangelus Records 6. Dohnányi, Bartók, Fischer, Kentner, Cziffra - playing Liszt, Hungaroton 7. Martin Haselböck, Vienna Academy Orchestra - Franz Liszt 'The Sound of Weimar' Membran Music Records 8. Friedemann Eichhorn and Rolf-Dieter Arens - Violin-piano, Hänssler Classic Records 9. Bernadett Wiedemann, Szabolcs Brickner and Emese Virág - Liszt & Liszt - Hungaroton 10. St. Ephraim Male Choir, László Fassang - Liszt Mail Choirs II., BMC Records and have taken the following decision: The Grand Prix du Disque has been awarded to: Alexander Djordjevic ’Gray Clouds’-Piano Music of Franz Liszt, a private edition disc Motivation of the Jury: The   40   years   old   pianist   from   Chicago   has   the   key   to   the   peculiar   and   meditative   world   of   the   works   from   Liszt’s   late   years. Djordjevic   simply   plays   the   sixteen   pieces   of   different   length   without   any   kind   of   mannerism   and   with   a   poetic   approach,   finding the character and appeal of each piece. There are no further propositions by the jury for prizes or certificates in 2010. Budapest, 24th June, 2010. Presentation   of   the   award   was   on   October   22nd   in   the   Old   Academy   of   Music,   Budapest   preceding   a   festive   concert   given   by Alexander Djordjevic on the occasion of the 199th anniversary of the birth of Franz Liszt. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Hungarian Liszt Society’s 35th annual Franz Liszt International Grand Prix du Disque competition, 2010 7 CDs, issued in 2009, were submitted to the Hungarian Liszt Society. The 7 jury members, headed by prof. Sándor Falvai, managed by Mihály Meixner has awarded 1 Grand Prix as follows: Grand Prix: Alexander Djordjevic ’Gray Clouds’ Piano Music of Franz Liszt - Private edition disc Presentation of the award was on October 22nd in the Old Academy of Music, Budapest preceding a festive concert given by Alexander Djordjevic on the occasion of the 199th anniversary of the birth of Franz Liszt. The Competition has been sponsored by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary. The best Liszt recordings of 2010 are to be sent to the Liszt Society, four copies of each, to arrive before April 30, 2011. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Hungarian Liszt Society’s 34th annual Franz Liszt International Grand Prix du Disque competition, 2009 The   Hungarian   Liszt   Grand   prix   du   disque   was   established   in   1975,   and   in   2009   it   has   been   awarded   for   the   34th   time.   It   is   open to   performers   and   record   producers   of   works   by   Franz   Liszt.   Recordings   submitted   will   be   judged   by   a   jury   of   renowned musicians, and awards will be given on the basis of musical genre. The   prize   of   a   souvenir   plaquette   by   Miklós   Borsos,   a   certificate   and   the   recordings   given   awards   will   be   published   in   the September issue of the English ‘Gramophone’ magazine. 5   CDs   issued   in   2008,   were   submitted   to   the   Hungarian   Liszt   Society.   The   5   jury   members,   headed   by   Sándor   Falvai   has awarded 2 Grand Prix and 1 Diproma of Honor as follows: - Grand Prix: Gábor Farkas, Piano -’An evening with Liszt’ - Warner Music Records - Grand Prix: István Antall, Piano - ’La leggierezza’ - archiv edition Hungaroton Records - Diploma of Honor: Wendy Waller, Sopran - ’Génie oblige’ - Privat edition Presentation   of   the   award   will   take   place   on   October   21st   in   the   Old   Music   Academy,   Budapest,   with   a   festive   concert   of   the awarded artists. The competition has been sponsored by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary 18 June 2009, Budapest Record of decision of the jury (in Hungarian)   >>> Distribution of awards and a Gala concert will take place: on October 22nd 2009 in Budapest. Application for 2010: Recordings (4 copies) must be submitted by April 30th 2010. Address: Liszt Society, H-1064 Budapest Vörösmarty u. 35. The jury will announce their decision on June 30th 2010. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ In 2008 there was no applications for the Grand Prix du Disque competition. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Hungarian Liszt Society’s 33rd annual Franz Liszt International Grand Prix du Disque competition, 2007 In the year 2007, four CD-s issued by 3 producers applied for the Grand Prix: 1. Danacord, Copenhagen Liszt: Sonata in B Minor; Tasso, Lamento e Trionfo; Gretchen performed by Oleg Marshev, piano 2. Danacord, Copenhagen Liszt: Concerto for Piano & Orchestra No.1. in E flat major No.2. in A major Totentanz performed by Oleg Marshev, piano, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra, conductor: M. Aeschbacher 3. Harmonia Mundi - Ambronay, France Franz Liszt & Richard Wagner - Sonatas & Metamorphoses performed by Thomas Hitzlberger, piano - Steingraeber 'Liszt' Piano 4. Landor Records UK Liszt: Année de Pélerinage - Duexiéme Année : Italie Performed by Libor Novacek, piano The   evaluation   of   the   discs   was   made   by   the   jury:   (President   Prof.   József   Soproni,   Secretary   Mr.   Mihály   Meixner,   members   of the   jury:   dr.   Zsuzsanna   Domokos,   Mária   Eckhardt,   dr.   Zsuzsanna   Esztó)   on   June   20th   2007,   where   they   brought   the   following decision: The Grand Prix will be awarded to the CD Ambronay, France: Franz Liszt & Richard Wagner - Sonatas & Metamorphoses as well as to Thomas Hitzlberger, pianist Justification: Appreciation   for   the   conception   of   the   programme,   for   the   historic   Steingraeber   piano,   for   the   excellent,   admirable   booklet. Thomas Hitzlberger's play the piano is really authentic and convincing. A "diplôm d'honneur" will be awarded to Landor Records UK: Liszt: Année de Pélerinage - Duexiéme Année : Italie, as well as to Libor Novacek, pianist for the exceptional nice, engrossed performance, suggestive visualization in the Année de Pélerinage - Italie The   Liszt   Ferenc   Society   will   inform   in   writing   the   prize-winning   participants   about   the   awards,   and   will   invite   them   to   he   giving out ceremony, which will be held on October 22nd, before the traditional Liszt gala-concert at Music Academy, Budapest ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Archives (1975-2004) Since 1975 the Grand Prix has been awarded to (selected list of names): CONDUCTORS:   Sir   Thomas   Beecham;   Leonard   Bernstein; Antal   Doráti;   János   Ferencsik;   Herbert   von   Karajan;   Riccardo   Muti; György Solti ORCHESTRAS:   Concertgebouw Amsterdam;   Berliner   Philharmoniker;   Boston   Symphony   Orchestra;   Hungarian   State   Orchestra (Magyar    Állami    Hangversenyzenekar);    a    Magyar    Rádió    Zenekara    (Hungarian    Radio    Orchestra);    Orchestre    de    Paris; Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra; Royal Philharmonic Orchestra PERFORMING   ARTISTS:    Vocal:   Hildegard   Behrens;   Hermann   Prey;   Organ:   Marie-Claire   Alain;   Jean   Guillou;   Piano:   Claudio Arrau;   Lazar   Berman;   Jorge   Bolet;   Alfred   Brendel;   Ferruccio   Busoni;   György   Cziffra;   Leslie   Howard;   Vladimir   Horowitz;   Jenõ Jandó; Zoltán Kocsis; Maurizio Pollini; Dezsõ Ránki; Péter Tóth; André Watts PRODUCERS:    Decca;    Deutsche    Grammophon    Gesellschaft;    EMI-Angel;    EMI-Electrola;    EMI-Pathé    Marconi;    Hungaroton; Nippon-Columbia; Philips; RCA; Quintana; Stockfish Records All   the   LP   Records,   CD-s   and   videos   sent   for   the   competition   year   by   year,   also   available   for   the   public,   those   can   be   listened   in the Music Studio of the Old Music Academy.
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